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A Residence for Former Prisoners

"Dismas House is the home I never had. This is where I got my start. Now I can stand on my feet, I've become an independent person and part of the community."

Dismas House Alumnus,
Former Prisoner

Burlington, Vermont




RUTLAND, VT – On Sunday, September 7, Vermonters for Vermonters will be hosting a benefit concert at the Vermont State Fairgrounds Grandstand from 2PM-8PM. There will be live music by Joey Leone, Bow Thayer, Myk Sno, Tony Lee Thomas, Jeremy Graham, Ashley Buchart, as well as many speakers from Governor Peter Schumlin to many inspiring people affected by Vermont’s opiate addiction epidemic.

Vermonters for Vermonters is a volunteer effort of citizens committed to raising funds and awareness to help combat the negative effect drugs have had in Vermont. This organization was started in response to the growing epidemic of drug abuse in Vermont, which is affecting citizens across the state in increasing and alarming numbers. Vermonters for Vermonters is a group of volunteers who have decided it is time to take action against this epidemic, and have organized this benefit concert to help raise awareness and get other Vermonters involved in the cause.

Proceeds from the event will go to benefit three organizations that are directly involved in combating this epidemic and providing assistance to Vermonters and their families suffering from drug abuse and addition: Project Vision, VT Recovery Network, and Dismas House.

Project Vision is an organization that is working toward the revitalization of the Rutland, VT community, by bringing together social service organizations to address and combat many of the situations that lead to drug abuse and criminal activity, including mental illness, family crisis and dysfunction and poverty.

The VT Recovery Network is a non-profit statewide organization that supports the provision of recovery support services for people who have experienced problems resulting from drug and alcohol use.

The Dismas House is an organization whose mission is to “reconcile prisoners to society and society to prisoners,” and works to provide shelter and re-integration resources to men and women being releases from prison. Their objective is to provide these men and women with the second-chance resources necessary to be successful citizens upon release, and thus combat substance abuse, further crime, and overpopulation of prisons.

Joey Leone, one of the featured performers at the benefit concert and Vermonters for Vermonters founding member and volunteer, is confident in the power of his local community to make a positive impact in this growing crisis. “In the past few years Vermonters have shown that, when confronted with problems, whether they be natural or man-made, we will rally to surmount them,” said Leone.

Vermonters for Vermonters is funded solely through donation, and is being run by the generous help of volunteers. Tickets can be purchased for $15 at the gate on the day of the event or at www.vermontersforvermonters.com. Monetary donations can be made payable to “Vermont Recovery Network” and sent to:
Vermonters for Vermonters
C/O Steve De Clue
31 North Main St.
PMB #104
Rutland, VT 05701

Items will also be accepted for donation for an auction that will take place online before and after the event, and those interested in donating items for auction can contact Jessie Boudreault at jessica_boudreault@yahoo.com. If you area business interested in a sponsorship opportunity of this event, you can also contact Jessie Boudreault at jessica_boudreault@yahoo.com for more information. Proceeds from tickets and items sold, as well as donations will go directly to the three beneficiary organizations: Project Vision, Dismas Of Vermont, Inc., and Vermont Recovery Network.

Marie Cole 802-245-4106



Burlington Dismas House
96 Buell Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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Fax:     253-322-8847

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*Dismas of Vermont is a non-profit (501c3) organization operating three small homes in Vermont, only. Dismas of Vermont is fully audited annually, and is unaffiliated with any other entity with "Dismas" in its name.


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